Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE

Auditing services play an important role when it comes to providing accuracy and transparency of information to stakeholders and investors in terms of the evaluation and analysis of any business’ financial health. The importance and relevance of the auditing process is more understood now than ever, globally. Therefore, quality auditing services are key when it comes to determining when a company stands in its financial position.
Zaidi Accountants provide top class auditing services, keeping authenticity, accountability and integrity at the forefront of the auditing process. Zaidi Accountants also understands the importance of keeping the customers’ needs first, which is why our quality services are provided at a reasonable price offering.
Our auditors follow international standards of auditing to fulfill client business needs in tune with the modern market dynamics consistent with UAE’s financial ecosystem. Our audit reports are approved by the Ministry of Economy (MOE).
Auditing services in the UAE are growing in importance. Off late, there is a shift in the auditing trend in the region since investors, stakeholders and partners are now growing increasingly aware of the significance of financial credibility and transparency, in order to ensure financial security of their organization in the process.

The following audit services are provided by Zaidi Accountants:

    • Internal Audit
    • External Audit
    • Company Liquidation Audit
    • Risk Management Audit
    • Fraud Audit
    • Tax Audit

Zaidi Accountants provide auditing services in UAE with optimum professionalism with perspectives from management, financial users and stakeholders – ensuring our auditing processes are about more than just numbers.