Management Services in Dubai, UAE

Management Services in Dubai

Zaidi Accounts executes a range of services as part of the management service for your business.

A thorough feasibility study of your business is conducted, in order to correctly estimate project completion possibilities. Businesses can identify potential positive and negative project outcomes from a detailed feasibility study, prior to the investment of time, money and resources into the project. It helps determine issues that could arise through the project execution process by means of developing an understanding of financial, operational and other organizational effects.

Zaidi Accountants also helps improve your business processes by means of process optimization techniques, such as the development of standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and preparation of policy manuals. SOP’s are necessary since they detail the protocols and procedures for specific actions within the organization, in addition to policy manuals required to facilitate smooth communication and functionality across all levels of seniority along the organizational framework. Policy manuals apply to all facets of a business, such as HR manuals, internal audit, sales, finance services etc.

Robust and structured strategy plans are essential to contribute to business success. Strategy plans that are put together as a result of industry knowledge, experience and best practices contribute to realistic and achievable goals. That’s why Zaidi Accountants also offers strategic review, which encompasses key aspects such as listed below:

  • Problem analysis that are to be addressed as part of the strategy plan
  • Strategic option generation for addressing organizational concerns
  • Prioritization of operational objectives
  • Provision of analysis
  • Determination of long-term organizational goals and objectives
  • Monitoring of results
Management Services in Dubai

Zaidi Accountants offers a wide array of management services for businesses, including quality assurance consultancy and services, MIS set-up and reporting, in addition to management training services. Get in touch with Zaidi Accountants today in order to learn more about what we can do for you.