Mergers & Acquisition Consultancy Services

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When businesses pass ownership from other persons, asserting themselves as new owners, this purchase becomes an acquisition. Legally, the target company ceases to exist when buyers absorb the business. Buyer shares continue to be traded, while target company shares cease to trade.
On account of simple acquisition, the acquiring company receives controlling interest in acquired companies, without a change to the name or legal structure.

On the other hand, mergers describe two firms of approximately similar size, joining forces to move forward as a whole and not remain separately owned or managed. This is known as ‘fusion of equals’, wherein both company shares are being leased and new shares issued in their place.

Consolidation results in the creation of a new company. Shareholders must approve consolidation. Post approval, ordinary shares are received in a new firm. Upon asset acquisition, companies acquire company assets which are approved by shareholders.

accounting services in uae

Merger and acquisition services can be considered as an integral component of job growth strategy where in opportunities can be planned for in advance. A repeatable acquisition model can be structured. Zaidi Accountants’ merger and acquisition advisory consultant can help you improve your odds of success by means of merger and acquisition objectives and strategy, in addition to development of merger and acquisition capabilities and resources, thereby putting together a repeatable and reliable process.

Zaidi Accountants, the business acquisition consultant execute fact-based and rigorous assessment to spot missed synergies and opportunities and to prepare for integration prior to deal confirmation. Maximum value can be captured from corporate acquisitions with an integrative approach to mitigate risks. Moreover, the highest possible return from divestitures can be achieved by asset preparation, running low-risk programs to shape businesses to grow and thrive after the transaction. Spin-off, joint venture and alliance value can be optimized as well.