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Top 7 Company Formation Myths

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for company formation due to its strategic location, tax-friendly policies, and modern infrastructure. However, there are several myths associated with company formation in UAE, which can cause confusion for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Myth 1: Companies can only operate in free zones

While Dubai’s free zones are an attractive option for many companies, it is not mandatory to set up your business in a free zone. There are several options for setting up a company in Dubai outside of free zones, including onshore in mainland Dubai, in one of the city’s industrial areas, or in a special economic zone (SEZ). The type of company formation you choose will depend on the nature of your business and the type of license you require.

Myth 2: Dubai is expensive to set up a company

Another common misconception is that it is expensive to set up a company in Dubai. While it is true that some of the business setup costs can be higher compared to other countries, the long-term benefits of operating in Dubai often outweigh the upfront costs. Moreover, there are several cost-effective options available for company formation in Dubai, such as setting up a mainland company or a free zone company, both of which offer competitive packages for business setup.

Myth 3: Dubai is only for foreign investors

Dubai welcomes foreign investment, but it is also a great place for local entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. The emirate has a supportive business environment and offers numerous opportunities for local entrepreneurs to take advantage of, such as funding and mentorship programs. In addition, Dubai has a thriving startup ecosystem, making it an ideal location for local entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses.

Myth 4: Dubai has strict labour laws

Dubai has a reputation for having strict labour laws, but this is not entirely accurate. The emirate has labour laws that protect the rights of both employees and employers. The labour laws in Dubai are designed to ensure a fair and equitable work environment, and they provide workers with a high level of protection. Moreover, Dubai has a transparent and efficient dispute resolution mechanism, which helps to ensure that any labour disputes are resolved quickly and fairly.

Myth 5: Dubai is not tax-friendly

Dubai has a reputation for being a tax-friendly jurisdiction, and this is largely true. The emirate has a tax system that is designed to be fair and transparent, and it offers several benefits to businesses operating in the emirate. For example, there is no personal income tax in Dubai, and the corporate tax rate is relatively low compared to other countries. Furthermore, Dubai has several tax treaties in place with other countries, which can provide additional benefits for businesses operating in the emirate.

Myth 6: The company formation process is complicated and time-consuming

Dubai has a reputation for being difficult to navigate for business owners, but this is not accurate. The emirate has a well-established infrastructure and a business-friendly environment that make it easy for business owners to set up and operate their businesses. Moreover, there are numerous government agencies and private organization experts like Zaidi Accountants that provide support and guidance to businesses operating in Dubai.

Myth 7: Dubai is only for big businesses

Dubai is a great place for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The emirate has a supportive business environment that provides opportunities for SMEs to grow and expand their businesses. Additionally, Dubai has several free zones and incubators that are specifically designed to support startups through their early development stage. The Dubai government also offers special economic zones and industrial areas for business setup.

Understand the realities of the process, businesses can make informed decisions and take advantage of all that Dubai has to offer. Reach out to experts who can better guide you through the complex process of business setup in Dubai.